Western Way of War

Dates: 15 – 21 September 2019
(6 Nights/7 Days)

Total Price (Per Person)*: 1780 € (sharing 2 persons)
295€ (plus for single supplement)

*Special prices for groups

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Western Way of War


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In this unique program we trace the invention of the Western Way of War and its subsequent evolution. Victor Davis Hanson has suggested that the Greeks of the city-states were the first people on earth to contract between themselves, as equals, to fight the enemy shoulder to shoulder, without flinching from wounds, and not to yield the ground on which they fought until either the enemy had broken or they themselves lay dead. Fifth-century Greeks, in short, invented not only the central idea of Western politics—that power in a state should reside in the vote of the majority—but also the central act of Western warfare, the “decisive battle.” For ambush, skirmish, ritual conflict, and single combat between heroes, the types of warfare that had preceded their own, the Greeks of the city-states substituted the all-or-nothing of pitched battle.

We study the evolution of the Greek phalanx, Athenian and Spartan, through the battles Marathon and Thermopylae. Then in the battle of Mantinea we examine the Theban phalanx while in the battle of Chaeronea we witness the rise of the Macedonian phalanx. Lastly we consider the Romans contributed to the western way of war, making the legions more flexible and fluid, in the battles of Cynoscephalae and Pharsalus.

Day 1 – Sunday 15 Sep. – Arrival
  • Arrival at Athens Airport
  • Travel to Hotel
  • Ice breaking drink
Day 2 – Monday 16 Sep. – Study Day
  • Study period
  • Athens sightseeing
  • Acropolis Museum
Day 3 – Tuesday 17 Sep. – Marathon
  • Marathon battlefield
  • 3 stands, battle development
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Wine tasting
  • Return to Athens
Day 4 – Wed. 18 Sep. – Mantinea
  • Mantinea battlefield
  • 2 stands, battle development
  • Return to Athens
Day 5 – Thursday 19 Sep. – Chaeronea – Thermopylae
  • Chaeronea battlefield
  • 2 stands, battle development
  • Thermopylae Pass
  • 2 stands, battle development
  • Travel to Lamia
  • Overnight in Lamia
Day 6 – Friday 20 Sep. – Roman battles
  • Cynoscephalae, battle development
  • Pharsalus, battle development
  • Return to Athens
Day 7 – Saturday 21 Sep. – Departure
  • Travel to the Airport
  • Departure
What is Included
  • 3*/4* hotel accommodation (basic) including breakfast
  • Information pack
  • Evening presentations (where appropriate)
  • All travel costs
  • All entrance fees
  • All presentations in battlefields
  • Tour manager available day and night
  • Pack meals
  • Tea and coffee
  • Light snack and bottled water each day
  • One group dinner
  • Memorabilia gift
What is NOT Included
  • Flights costs
  • Pick Up Transport from/to Airport
  • Evening dinners (except last night)