Studies & Surveys

Staff rides, being military, academic or corporate, aim at professional audiences and they demand thorough preparation. For military enthusiasts without much time to spend, we offer battlefield studies and brief battlefield surveys which do not require preliminary preparation. Battlefield studies extend in several days while brief battlefield surveys are much shorter. Examples of both activities are shown on 2020 Offers.

Battlefield Study
Battlefield study links a historical event to a real battlefield terrain leading to a systematic study of battles, campaigns and other operations. It demands little or no beforehand preparation which is fulfilled by a preliminary phase of presentations before visiting the battlefield. Battle analysis rests mainly in battlefield functions and includes topics such as command and control, intelligence, manoeuvre, firepower, protection, logistics, infantry, cavalry, combined arms, fortifications/sieges, joint action and civil-military relations. Depending on the audience the emphasis will focus on strategic, operational or tactical level. We always strive for active participation, stimulating discussions and exchanging of views. At the end an after action review will conclude the study summarising the main events and drawing lessons for modern times. Battlefield studies are offered to the general audience, military history enthusiasts and everyone with a keen interest in history.

Brief Battlefield Survey
For those without enough time but with a keen interest in history, we offer brief surveys of battlefield sites of one or two day’s duration, around Athens and Thessaloniki. In essence they are battlefield studies of shorter length although with the same level of professionalism.