Education and Mentoring

Drawing from our extensive military experience we provide education and training to organizations and institutions, bringing a unique perspective as practitioners from the real world. Although all of our activities are educational in nature, by education we mean here what we provide in classrooms, in combination or not with staff rides. The same principles apply to mentoring.

Concepts, Tools and Techniques from the Military to the Civilian World

We offer educational programs to the corporate sector on the application of military techniques of strategy and leadership, in conjunction with corporate staff rides or independently. The tools and techniques we bring from the military intend to address today’s corporate challenges in an innovative, unique and inspiring way. More specifically our modules include:

  • Principles of war
  • Mission command and maneuverist approach
  • Leadership programs (Theme-based or key leaders-based)
  • Operational art and campaign planning
  • Tactical planning and problem solving
  • Intelligence
  • Maintenance of morale
  • Tasking
  • Supervision
  • Communication
  • Crisis management

War, Strategy and Military Operations from Practitioners

We provide education to civilian or military institutions or interested audiences on strategy, operational art, campaign planning, and mentor seminar groups on leadership, planning and decision-making. Some of these items are addressed by excellent academics; however, we believe that getting professionals to teach strategy and leadership as practice rather than as theoretical concepts, allows the development of an understanding of factors affecting the development of strategy and leadership, based on first-hand testimony of those who have dealt with these factors for real. The modules, in combination with staff rides or not, include:

  • The nature and character of war
  • Contemporary strategic challenges
  • Civil-Military Relations: Ancient and modern
  • Crisis management
  • Strategic planning and campaign planning
  • Leadership lessons from ancient to modern times

We are also advising organizations and corporations, due to our extensive real-world experience on strategic and military fields. Indicative areas we will be engaged in include:

  • Contemporary strategic issues
  • Organizational advice
  • Process efficiency
  • Systems improvement
  • Personnel training and education

Please contact us if you wish more information in these fields.